Pachanko Itération USB cable

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Pachanko Itération USB cable

The flagship Pachanko Itération USB cable will reveal every detail of your music. The sound will become unbelievable easy and naturally with the highest resolution and without any coloration. Our proprietary anodized aluminium plugs will get the control over the numerous resonances that always happen in all materials and material intersections. Additionally it is very important to take care of the signal degradation that will happen because of the direct contact between the dielectric material and the conductor. Give it a try, you will notice an absolute natural music experience.


- Silver OCC multi stranded 22 AWG copper wire
- 90ohms Standard USB
- Cryo treated
- Tellurium cooper plugs, gold plated
- Natural and open sound
- Shielded wires
- Proprietary noise EMI filtering
- Anodized Aluminium plugs
- 100% Handcrafted
- Free Worldwide shipping
- Recommended for DAC/DDC use only.

Available with and without 5V USB Power