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DENPO Reference DAC

Digital to Analog Converter

- Monoblock aluminum construction (vibration damping, heat dissipation, RFI / EMI shielding)
- 3-circuit, separated, shielded, full analogue power supply (separate for digital and analogue circuits)
- Digital volume control
- TCXO clock generator
- 2.4 "touch screen (volume control, input selection, mute function, standby mode)
- Inputs: 2pcs S / PDIF-RCA, 1pcs AES / EBU-XLR
- Outputs: 1 pair analog RCA, 1 pair symmetric XLR
- High quality internal wiring, analog and digital signal lines MUNDORF Ag-Au wires
- 24bit / 192kHz DAC panel with 2 PCM1792 DAC chips with dual mono operation
- Optional Bluetooth module for remote control with Android and iOS applications (volume control, input selection, standby)
- Available colors: black (brushed elox), silver (brushed aluminum)

Sample rate converter Chip

-Dynamic Range: -60dB Input
- (A- from 20kHz to 216kHz Weighted): 144dB typical
- (THD + N) value for Full-Scale input: -140dB typical
- 24 bit resolution

DAC chip

- 24Bit Resolution
- Dual Mono Design Dynamic power: 132 dB
- (THD + N): 0.0004%
- Receives 16, 20, and 24-bit audio data
- Maximum sampling frequency: 192KHz

Product Specification

ULTIMATE DAC at the top of the Core Audio DAC product range and user feedback have come up with the idea and the need to develop a dac, which in many ways resembles the top of the portfolio, but we can offer our customers at a much more affordable price with little compromise. So we started working on the DENPO Reference dac. The PCM 1792 chips still provide the soul of the unit in a dual mono architecture, as in the ULTIMATE dac. The dac panel is supported by a TCXO clock generator. Thanks to these solutions, the device has excellent technical parameters and can be classified as high sound quality in the upper segment of the audiophile category.

The dac also includes a digital volume control unit, so you can even connect the preamp without leaving the system directly. The power supply circuits and power lines are separated from the signal lines.

Housed in an aluminum block, the housing delivers proper weighting and vibration damping for the Reference DAC's internal units and provides optimum heat dissipation. The Reference DAC has several inputs: 2pcs S / PDIF-RCA and 1pcs AES / EBU-XLR, so you can connect multiple source devices and perfect pairing with Core Audios high-bandwidth and low distortion KARUNA Reference or KARUNA ULTIMATE USB / SPDIF product range