Pachanko Stellar Velvety Ether LAN Cable

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Pachanko Stellar Velvety Ether LAN

The Stellar Velvety Ether LAN was designed to facilitate the perfect reproduction of sound over streaming. Raffinate sound, unprecedented levels of performance in any aspects, many years of development and research was necessary to achieve this level of performance. A unique design that exceeds market standards, crosstalk and electromagnetic interference are completely eliminated and until now unavoidable in network cables. Everything has been calculated like length dictated by the geometry, materials and application of the cable to reduce internal microphony and high frequency resonance. The clean, precise cut of each conductor also ensures the uniform arrival of all signals to dramatically reduce timing errors.



Stellar Velvety Ether LAN Features:

 - 4 Shielded pair wires

- Solid core UP-OCC silver platted copper alloy

- Deep cryo treatment

- Custom CAT 8 plugs with 50µ Gold plated PCB, Zinc alloy material to protect internal cables from interference and stable transmission

- Natural sound

- Exquisite design

- 100% Handcrafted

- 10 years warranty

- Free Express Worldwide shipping (4-8 working days)