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Only order the AudiophilOptimizer in our web shop if you prefer to use a credit card instead of PayPal, then allow us 12-24h to manually activate your license in our system.

Sound Quality:
- Analog sound quality rarely heard before on computer audio systems
- Bigger soundstage, holographic imaging, more 3D-effect
- Very well defined bass, deeper and more powerful
- Lifelike, fluid and very precise sound reproduction
- Natural air, timbre and image density
- Ability to fine-tune the final sound presentation (through Sound Signatures
and Digital-Filter modes) to achieve outstanding balance
- Sound Signatures and Digital-Filter modes are 100% bit perfect
- Minimizes harshness in digital sound
- Very low noise floor / blacker backgrounds
- Don't believe it? Read the REVIEWS

- World's first solution to offer Kernel-Streaming (for x86 & x64 Media Players) in Windows Server 2012/R2 core mode
- Express mode for beginners and Advanced mode for advanced users
- Ultimate mode for experts to unlock maximum potential of AudiophileOptimizer
- ServiceTool to easily switch between GUI/minimal/core mode, configure Autologon, Shell Replacement
(Autostart Mediaplayer instead of desktop environment), install WLAN-Support & much more
- Does not need JPLAY, but works exceptionally well together with it
- Works on single box systems as well as JPLAY Dual-PC setups
- Enables MMCSS (Multimedia Class Scheduler) in core mode
- ASIO support in GUI, minimal-server and core mode
- Enables JRiver Media Center, Bug head Emperor, Foobar2000 and many other players under Windows Server
2012/R2/Essentials in core mode
- PCM, DoP, DSD, Multichannel DSD, all file formats supported

Feature Details:
- 300+ optimizations with focus on the best music reproduction possible
- Disable unnecessary system services and drivers
- Optimization of your hard drive and file system
- Optimization of USB & PCIe power management
- Optimized power and performance settings
- Optimized CPU and memory management
- Optimization of task & IRQ priorities
- Optimization of TCP/IP protocol
- WASAPI/MMCSS optimization
- USB Optimization
- Additional registry tuning
- Optimization of GUI settings

PDF Guide:
- Step-by-step Guide for setup of a high-end computer audio system
- Tips & tricks about BIOS/EFI Settings, network tuning, low latency tuning
- DOS & PowerShell commands, driver installation & configuration
- How to setup a JPLAY Dual-PC setup (StreamerMode)
- How to tune JPLAY registry for maximum sound quality
- How to make a bootable USB Stick for OS installation
- How to configure autologon and shell replacement
- How to get the maximum out of your DAC or DDC
- ...and much more. Check out the free PDF Guide

Audiostream - Greatest Bits
STEVEN PLASKIN: "...An Indispensible Piece of Software"

AudiophileOptimizer made a significant improvement to the sound of my music programs when applied to Windows 10 Pro. I have found AudiophileOptimizer to be an indispensible component of my music system and strongly recommend the use of this software. Voices and instruments were superior in terms of focus and resolution without the electronic haze I heard in the unmodified Windows 10 Pro partition. It was hard to go back to listening to the unmodified partition; AudiophileOptimizer is just that effective in transforming the sound heard from a Windows 10 computer.

SoundStage! Ultra is part of
SoundStage! Ultra

HOWARD KNELLER: " significantly reduced glare, and created a much more fluid and organic sound."

In a world in which $133 buys you just a handful of hi-rez downloads, Highend-AudioPC’s AudiophileOptimizer is a stone-cold bargain -- and that would still be the case even if AudioPhil charged a lot more for it. If you’re an audiophile looking for a music server, you’ll want to strongly consider one that can run WS 2012 R2, and thus AO. If you want the level of sound quality AO can deliver but go any other route, be prepared to spend a pretty penny. And if you’re a manufacturer of music servers that use Linux, or any other OS that’s not WS 2012 R2 or WS 2012, take notice: Your competition has upped its game.

CHRIS CONNAKER: "...This week I heard the best digital playback I’ve ever heard. Period."

What I found was similar to what many computer audiophiles have been saying for quit a while, the combination of Windows Server 2012 R2 and Audiophile Optimizer is fantastic... Once configured, the PCs were placed in a system with Berkeley Audio Design and Constellation Audio components, and Magico M Project loudspeakers. The sound I heard when the AO optimized PC was played for the first time, and throughout my stay, was stunning. We even had an identical computer setup, but running Windows 7 and without AO and its optimizations, for comparing sound quality. This enabled us to do A/B comparisons between the Windows 7 computer and fully optimized 2012 R2/AO computer with the only difference being the optimization of software. The sonic differences were easily apparent. The optimized computer made it possible to hear the smallest details in recordings at incredibly low volume levels... Everything from soundstage to reverb trails to the ambiance of a concert hall was improved with these software optimizations. On one track the drummer struck a bell and the sound seemed to hang in the air for ever while at the same time being completely distinct from the rest of the sounds. Every instrument had its place and its space. The listening experience was truly something to behold... Based on my experience this week, the sound quality bar has been significantly raised.

Source: Chris Connaker, the creator of the famous CAPS music server series, is the founder and owner of (the largest computer audiophile forum in the world). To read the complete article "Audiophile Optimizer Raises The Bar" of Chris please click -> here

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