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For the first time ever to fully utilize multimedia realtime framework optimization of "Core Audio" to improve Windows audio performance. Fidelizer improves sound quality on Windows with any media players, and support streaming services such as Tidal, Spotify, Qobuz, YouTube, and others. Learn more about features by reading the User Guide.

To purchase Fidelizer Pro please download the Key-Generation Utility software. Run it only on the Machine you want to install Fidelizer Pro on and be sure the Windows Management Instrumentation service is set to automatic and running before you start fidelizerkey.exe. Write down your key in the text field during the checkout process, you will then get your Fidelizer Pro software directly from Fidelizer Audio within 24 hours.


  • Purchased product shall be used only on machine that generated fidelizer.key. It will not work on other machines.
  • If main parts like CPU/motherboard in designated machine were to be changed and purchased product not working, you may ask for new build of upgraded machine once. Any future request will be regarded as another product purchase.
  • Purchased product license will be single PC license. Product discount can be negotiated on higher volumes.
  • You’ll be received product update notification after new build released. If you don’t receive notification email after seeing product updates on website, it could be blocked or moved into junk/spam mail so please inform again.
  • Upgrading to more advanced program can be performed by topping up the price. If you wish to upgrade from ‘Plus’ to ‘Pro’, you can do with just $30 instead of $69.95.
  • Upgrade license version will last until new major version release. Upgrading to new major version release will cost about 25-30% of its product price. For example, if you purchase Fidelizer Plus 6 for $39.95, you can still ask for any Fidelizer Plus 6.x for free until there’s Fidelizer 7 comes out. You’ll have to pay $10 to upgrade from Fidelizer Plus 6.x to Fidelizer Plus 7.x
  • Refunding product can only be done when product fails to work on target machine upon purchase after all support and troubleshooting. Product refund won’t be applied to terms like false positive report from antivirus or not working after making changes to operating system like OS modification or reinstalling modified OS.


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