SOtM sMS-200 Neo mini network player

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SOtM sMS-200 Neo

The sMS-200 Neo is the updated model to the previously very successful sMS-200. The sound colors and sound characteristic are different from the original version. The Neo has deeper mid-range and better bass expressions. With such changes, the overall balance of Neo becomes richer and brings musical inspiration. While the original model sounded very neutral and balanced, the changes brought about by the updated sMS-200 Neo will mostly be perceived as a more relaxed presentation. Although the standard sMS-200 is already an overachiever, the sMS-200 Neo retains this while still adding an extra dose of musicality to the party.

sMS-200 is a new generation of mini network player with built in ‘Media Player Board’ developed by our own technology.

The significance of sMS-200 comes from the dedicated ARM processor board developed for only audio purpose, it is definitely not the similar kind of those ready-made processor boards in the market offered with dazzling low price but not that much of high sound quality, of which the most of audio product manufacturers experience deterioration of sound and are forced to use unnecessary features from the ready-made boards, but now it’s gone with the sMS-200.

SOtM developed the product just for audio sound performance, getting rid of all unnecessary features concentrating on the high quality sound at a reasonable price.

sMS-200 is particularly designed to provide the best sound quality based on our own unique technologies accumulated to date since those days of media players, and it is probably be the only one capable product exceeding the current network players on the market in terms of functionalities.

As to the player software, ROON, MPD, DLNA, SqueezeLite and others are available. And the music files from an external USB storage device, network shared folders and streaming services are also available. As well, the more functions can be easily added via software upgrade. Plus, the simple and nice looking Web GUI allows users to choose the desired audio function, setup and control playing music file through Apps on users’ smart devices.

sMS-200 is the one and only network player in the kind of price range, and does deliver high fidelity together with impressive sound. It does make people freely imagine the close to real scene where the original sound is generated from. Simply experience the difference and surprise with sMS-200 developed by SOtM.

Hardware Specification
Dual core ARM processor
microSD slot for OS
High-End audio grade USB port x 1
USB port x 2 for USB storage device
GigaBit Ethernet port x 1
Optional WiFi module
Power input : 9V/2A max

Software Specification
Logitech Media Server
MPD & DLNA audio Renderer
Shairport (coming up)
HQplayer NAA (coming up)
and others (coming up)

Dimension : 105 x 53 x 150(mm)
Weight : 1kg >
Operation environment
Operating temperature : 10℃ ~ 35℃
Storage temperature : -10℃ ~ 50℃
Operating & storage humidity : 10% ~ 90%