Pachanko Coax Cable Absolution

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Pachanko Coax Cable Absolution 1m

The Pachanko digital coax cable is made for the best possible connection between a digital source and DAC. It uses a single multi stranded high-purity copper conductor with an unusual feature: it is micro-sized. This permits the Pachanko coax cable to perform with the agility and grace of thin-conductors without suffering from their high resistance. The final results is a very natural and airy sound.

- Standard lenght 1m
- OFC multi stranded 26AWG Copper
- 75ohm Standard
- Twisted and triple shielded wires
- Less digital and more analogue sounding
- Proprietary noise EMI filtering
- 100% handcrafted
- Neutrik Profi RCA, Eichmann Copper RCA or Furutech OCC Rhodium BNC plugs

Recommended for decent DAC, DC, CD players



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