2018-04-01 23:10:50
A New Experience
The USB was very easy to install specially since Win 10 Pro recognizes the card without intalling a driver - true plug-n-play. I was initially unimpressed with the sound and decided to burn in the card by continuously feeding signal through it for a week. OK, now I'm impressed. The imaging is so surefooted/solid and are emerging from a black background that I'm now experiencing my system in a way I have not experienced before. Even bass and midbass produces a solid image. The soundstage has become well layered and has grown a bit in height possibly due to increased midrange clarity. I thought my computer setup was excellent which is why I did not anticipate such a great improvement. My system is very revealing and all components have been modified with upgrades such as capacitors, resistsrs, diodes, fuse swaps, etc. This upgrade is a large step toward realism and allows my system to show off it's capabilities. The JCAT USB Femto card is highly recommended.
Wrote by: Ciro A.


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