SOtM eABS-200 EMI Absorber Sheet

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SOtM eABS-200 EMI Absorber Sheet

SOtM eABS-200 is a EMI absorber sheet which absorbs EMI noise as its literally means. The eABS-100 has been discontinued and eABS-200 is now available.
The eABS-200 features eliminating EMI noise by converting incident EMI noise to fine heat.This feature is totally different from the ones called by EMI shielding material on the market, they are reflecting EMI or blocking penetration of EMI, but the eABS-200 is eliminating EMI noise and also with the reflected incident EMI. The thickness of eABS-200 is 1mm and shaped like A4 size, supports up to 6G range EMI elimination and belongs to one of the very good performance of 1mm thickness EMI absorber sheets.

How to use is simple, cut to the proper size or shape of the eABS-200 and attach inside of the product casing on the top, bottom plates over a large area, or on an external input, output connectors, IC or RAM.

Users will need to attempt to find the best location to reach to the satisfied sound with eABS-200 rather than attaching the sheet in a large area at once, after the several tries, users can tune up the sound little by little.

SOtM eABS-200 will bring the sound changes mainly as below.

  • The high bandwidth will be calmer which is not too pick.
  • The texture of instruments in the middle-high bandwidth will be improved and the sibilant voice will be smoother.
  • The unnecessary sense of volume on the low bandwidth will become lesser but the resolution on ultra low bandwidth will become bigger and the stage will be wider.

Find the proper material on the market and make your own audio device to reach your satisfaction with SOtM.